When do I have to update Oracle database additionally? How can I update Oracle database?

In case of the aSISt application update to the full version (when second value after point changes, for example for updates to versions: 5.15, 5.16, 5.17,…) it is necessary to additionally update the Oracle database.

To update Oracle database please:

  1. run update (local or from internet),
  2. during update, click on “OK”, when there will be a question about the update method: with or without the database

Update with the database:

  • it is necessary only once on one workstation
  • can be made only when
    • aSISt is running only on this particular workstation, and additionally:
    • no other workstations are subject to updates.

When updating next workstations the update is made only to the application.

If, during the update on the first workstation, you have omitted the database update and updated only the application, the database must be updated during the next workstation update.

If, during the update on all workstations, you have omitted the database update, then please contact aSISt support team with request about script for updating Oracle database, and next:

  • In CMD run sqlplus,
  • Log in using login and password for aSISt Oracle user,
  • Run script using: @<path_for_the_script> i.e. @C:Oracleoracle.sql,
  • Save changes using command: commit.