What should I do to transfer the aSISt application with Derby database to a new computer?

To transfer the aSISt application from current computer to a new workstation, please:

1. Make a backup of derby database using function “Preparing backup” (ALT+A -> “Preparing backup”),

2. Download full version of aSISt from our website (https://support.asist-xbrl.eu/en/downloads),

3. Install aSISt application on the new computer using downloaded file,

4. From the old aSISt home directory please copy to the new aSISt home directory file:

  • aSISt.license,

and catalogue:

  • preferences (If you would like to have the same user’s settings on the new workstation just like you had on the old one).

5. Update the aSISt application to the current version using:

  • local update (using file/files downloaded from our website),
  • automatic update (If you have internet connection and proper address for update config file).

6. On the new computer upload file with backup which was created from the old database.

7. Go to the Settings (ALT+A -> Settings), click on tab: LOCAL, and next go to tab:

Memory management and add more memory moving the slider further, but it is not advised to move it to the end of the scale (The amount of available memory depends on the amount of RAM available on your computer).

8. On the old computer, rename the db.properties file [for example: db_old.properties] so that, even an accidental attempt to run the application on the old computer does not interfere with the current work of aSISta.