What should I do to transfer the aSISt application with Oracle database to a new computer?

To transfer the aSISt application with Oracle database it is needed to move to a new server:

  • Oracle database (It can be made using Oracle tools (it is possible to use standard import and export tools)), and:
  • aSISt application

To move the aSISt application from an old workstation to the new, please:

1. Download the full aSISt version from our website (https://support.asist-xbrl.eu/en/downloads),

2. Install the aSISt application on the new workstation using downloaded file,

3. From the old aSISt home directory please copy to the new aSISt home directory files:

  • aSISt.license,
  • db.properties,

and catalogue:

  • preferences (If you would like to have the same user’s settings on the new workstation just like you had on the old one).

In the file db.properties there are information about: URL address to the Oracle database, user name and password for aSISt user. It is possible to make changes in the file if something is incorrect.

4. Update the aSISt application to the newest version (ALT+A -> Update).

There are two ways to update the aSISt application

  • local update (using file/files downloaded from our website), or
  • automatic update (If you have internet connection and proper address for update config file).

5. Go to the Settings (ALT+A -> Settings), click on tab LOCAL, and next go to the tab:

Memory management and add more memory moving the slider further, but it is not advised to move it to the end of the scale (The amount of available memory depends on the amount of RAM memory available on your computer).