What does the “ORA-12519: TNS: no appropriate service handler found” error mean when trying to start the application?

In case of a database error „ORA-12519: TNS: no appropriate service handler found” when the next user cannot log in to the aSISt application, despite having the appropriate multi-user license, perform the following actions:

1. Verify the current database settings by following the steps below:

  • Log in through sqlplus as the sysdba aSISt database
  • Perform the query: +

select current_utilization, max_utilization, limit_value from v$resource_limit where resource_name = ‚processes’;

If the current_utilization obtained is close to the set parameter of the “processes” database specified by the limit_value value from the above query, this may be the reason for the inability to connect another user to the aSISt application. One user log in does not create only one process / session based on Oracle. It involves launching other internal base processes running in the background, as well as database server processes whose operation is saved to trace_file files, so that in case of internal database errors, we have a stack of their origin, which makes it easier to diagnose the cause of problems.

2. Change the value of the processes parameter

Therefore, we suggest raising the parameter from the limit value to 120 for 5 users who log in to the aSISt application (also to the Oracle database at the same time).

This can be done with a command executed on a user with the sysdba role. To log in as this user:

  • Run the command line as an administrator
  • Enter the sqlplus command
  • In the username field enter / as sysdba
  • Run the command


The session value coupled with the processes parameter will be determined automatically by the Oracle server using a special algorithm.

3. Because the change is saved in spfile (server parameters file), the database must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Restart can be done by logging into sqlplus as sysdba (login method is presented above):

  • Log in as sysdba to the database
  • Save changes to aSISt and log out of the application
  • Close the database – shutdown immediate
  • Assemble and open the database – startup

4. If the parameter value is insufficient, you can increase its level again (point 2) and then restart it again (point 3).