How to check the encoding of a database in Oracle?

The encoding of an Oracle instance can be checked by sending the appropriate queries:

  • from the level of aSISt application
  • after logging into the Oracle database

I. To check the encoding of the installed Oracle database from within the aSISt application, select:

ALT + A -> aSISt information -> button: ‘SQL Console’

At the top of the displayed window:

  • enter the query:


where parameter=’NLS_CHARACTERSET

  • select button:

as shown in the following figure:

II. To check the encoding after loging into the Oracle database:

  • add the semicolon to the query given above so that it is in the form:


where parameter=’NLS_CHARACTERSET’;

The encoding of the ORACLE database instance, correctly supported by aSISt, is: AL32UTF8.